"Thank you so much for your consideration of us sistahs, with these products you’ve created. I love the Verifen Complex system –it’s the best hair treatment system I’ve ever used. It keeps my hair well-conditioned and my ends in shape. I can’t wait to send you a before and after picture. Thanks a heap!!"

J. Nicole

Los Angeles, CA

Your hair care products really are great and work really well on my hair.

Natalie Cole

I was so happy to see that you made mention of fine hair in your materials. So often people believe that because one's hair is textured it also means it is coarse or hard. My hair is fine and soft.

Darwyn C.

". . . I have now been using your product line for about 9 months. Since that time, my hair has been supple and has developed a healthy sheen. It is now about 5 inches in length all around, even in areas that have historically been ‘problematic’.

Jamie M. (Madison, WI)

I have used your products for over 4 years and I am totally satisfied with the results.My hair always looks healthy and shiny. I get complements all the time and many of my friends now use your products. I have sent some photos and look forward to sending more in the future.

To see Joyce's photos (1997 to 2001 Click here)



Your product is still superb. My hairdresser said it is better than anything in his salon, and it is the best product he has ever used for African-American hair.

Barbara from Beverly Hills

To see Barbara's photos (1994 to 2002 Click here)



I have been using the Verifen Complex line of products since January 2001; I have to honestly say these are the best products for Afro-textured hair I have ever used (I have used MANY salon only and well-known beauty supply hair care products). I have several of my friends using the products and they cannot believe that a product of this caliber has been hiding from them all of this time. I agree!

We all absolutely love the shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. I love the products so much that I have purchased each of the hair care items you have! I like to use the Beneficial Phase Shampoo and the Moisture Emphasis Conditioner on my hair because it gives a deeper conditioning action on fine hair like mine. What I really love and appreciate about this line is how the originator (Wanakee) has given an enormous amount of data to ensure that we know how to keep our hair healthy, vibrant and encourage us to not be discourage because of our possibly horrible hair care past.

With the right type of products (these are definitely it), and using the hair care guides on the website you too will see pleasing results in your hair care regime. Do not give up! Try these products and you too will be amazed at how your hair feels when you shampoo, condition, and style your hair. These products take care of your hair during each stage of the grooming process. Thank you Verifen Complex (Wanakee) for your commitment in providing quality products for us sistahs who are serious about the upkeep of our hair.
-Angela Wilson-Richards




I have been using your products for the last two years. Never have I experienced this much hair growth. I had to drop you a line to let you know that your methods do work and being consistent is the key. It is so flattering seeing people that I have not seen in a while and having them ask me if I wear a weave. You have a customer for life.

Natalie from Detroit


After cuting off all my hair in 1997 and committing to natural or slightly textured hair I experimented with Bee's Wax, oils, and conditioners of every type and brand. My struggles ended when I bought your products. I have never used a shampoo that left my hair feeling so soft. If the shampoo was that good I couldn't wait for the rest of the program, and sure enough it exceeded expectations.

Thanks so much for the products. The photo is the result of one month of using your products.

Veronica P.


I have a two year old beautiful little girl who inherited the driest of hair from our families. As a matter of fact, I would have to wait until she was asleep to comb/style her hair because she was not agreeable with getting it done while she was awake. After trying other products recommended by my stylist (Paul Mitchell, Kenra, KeraCare, etc.) I decided to try the Moisture Emphasis products on her hair. Since using the Verifen Complex products she readily sits in front of me so that I can style her hair.


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