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Our Exclusive Collection Of Moisture Rich Products For Textured Hair That Dramatically Condition, Restore And Protect. Specially Developed To Indulge Each Strand With Heightened Conditioning, Verifen Complex Beautifies Dry, Depleted Hair With Comprehensive, Nourishment and Renewal; Because Troubled Hair Needs Special Care.

Whenever hair is truly healthy, there are several things to consider. First, how the hair is being handled. Second, what products are being used. Third, Diet, Exercise, and Stress. We believe that we have the finest products available, and we also want to give you more information on all the other factors. Verifen Complex products were developed for a top fashion model in early 1991.

Whether Afro-textured or wavy, chemically treated or natural, all textured hair must be continually saturated with conditioning moisture to counteract perpetual dryness. This dryness is an inherent part of the strand makeup and can be so severe at times that it can cause the ends to break as fast as the roots produce growth. The breakage is what makes it appear as if no growth is taking place at all, when the opposite is really true. This growth-breakage pattern can recur month after month, year after year, until you become convinced that you have the kind of hair that just won't grow.

Every product in the Verifen Complex line is instrumental in adding shine, eliminating stiffness, and giving hair a remarkable new ease in handling. As each strand is better conditioned and more resilient, inch by inch you will see the results of the growth produced by your roots. Your hair will not grow faster, but inches will slowly begin to accumulate as you learn to keep the ends from breaking off. These products will help to keep your hair protected during each stage of the grooming process.

Verifen Complex Beneficial Phase Shampoo is made with the initial dryness of textured hair in mind and is enriched with Vitamin E and natural extracts (botanicals). It works gently with the hair, depositing a soft layer of emollients that condition as the shampoo cleans. This delicate conditioning action prevents the hair from being stripped or depleted, which is often the problem with many harsher shampoos. This luxurious blend allows the shampooing process to be a conditioning process as well, and is an added plus when hair is brittle or weak. It gets styling off to an advantageous start.

After shampooing, the way you condition your hair often sets the tone for the overall results. Good conditioning on a regular basis is vital if textured hair is to thrive.

Verifen Complex Advanced Conditioning Treatment is an extraordinary formulation that brings hair back to life. This intensive deep-conditioning treatment saturates parched hair with uniquely rich restorative moisture and replaces brittleness with a shiny resilience. Fortified with Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B-5), it also aids in soothing dry scalp. Advanced Conditioning Treatment works wonders with natural or permed hair that is straightened with heating implements, bringing to it a lovely silken texture. It eliminates stiffness and gives hair a soft movement and luster. It's a splendid way to indulge the hair. The difference is notable.

A special mention for women with fine, thinner hair: because baby fine hair is so easily weighed down, far less product is needed for each application. It is sometimes even a good idea to focus the application more on the ends, rather than the bulk of the hair. Hair oil should also be used very lightly as a daily protectant (see our conditioning guide) for more information.

When it's time to detangle textured hair, it can be quite a serious undertaking. If you face a massive tangle of hair that is often weak and easily broken, it can mean the loss of hundreds of strands. This stage of the grooming process requires special care.

Verifen Complex Detangle Spray Conditioner is designed to significantly reduce the stress of comb-out. Infused with a light conditioner, this valuable mist helps to gently coax out tangles and transform coarse, stubborn hair into workable, responsive hair. It can be used following Verifen Complex Advanced Conditioning Treatment. It's also perfect alone as a light conditioner after shampooing on those occasions when a deep conditioner isn't needed. It is great for fine, limp hair that may be weighed down or flattened by heavier conditioners. The gentle "slip" that this spray provides simplifies comb-out, reduces the amount of breakage and makes it a must after every shampoo.

Sometimes the strands along the hairline and nape of the neck can take a real beating in ways you may not have imagined. We're sure you have experienced hairs breaking from time to time. Besides over-processing with chemicals and using too much heat and tension, these hairs may also dry out and break from constantly overlapping the hairline as you scrub your face with soap, use drying facial astringents, or even when applying makeup and face powder. Once these hairs are broken, it can be difficult to control them and get the hairline to look smooth and healthy.

Verifen Complex Hairline Essential Crème is a highly specialized treatment for refining the hairline. It remains in the hair, protecting and coating it with a sleek layer of conditioners, adding shine and smoothing down broken and unruly hairs. It's wonderful for those times when you're not quite ready to touch-up your edges with a perm, yet you don't want to apply too much heat. Hairline Essential Crème doesn't dry to a completely hard crust like a gel, but can be easily combed through. It doesn't take much. A small amount of crème along the front edges adds elegance and refinement to the hairline. It can even be used in place of a hard gel for sleek styling. It conditions and complements the styles you choose, while giving those delicate hairs a chance to recover.

Textured hair also needs protection against dryness every day. We have discovered that the major factor responsible for hair being so dry is not heating implements or chemicals, but it is the air! We all know that everything exposed to air dries out, whether indoors or outdoors. If your hands are without lotion and unprotected, the skin dries and cracks. If you leave your lips exposed to the air without the aid of gloss or lip balm, they chap. Food dries out, water evaporates and even house paint cracks and peels from exposure to air. The hair is not different. This is why we recommend that you try to wear protective styles as often as possible.

Verifen Complex Oil For The Hair is a splendid daily hairdressing that coats the hair with a brilliant shine as it safeguards against dryness. This refined formula is light and effective, without the heaviness that may stick strands together or weigh them down. Hair actually holds up and looks clean longer. The oil does not sit on the surface of the strand like petroleum-based products, but penetrates the cuticle. It offers excellent protection for hair that is straightened or styled with heating implements. Just a light coat leaves hair shimmering and manageable.

As much as you condition your hair, you've probably noticed a need to do something extra for your ends. It seems that they get dry, no matter what you do. For ends to fully recover, damaged and split ends must first be trimmed off. After the trim begins the vital process of maintaining the health of the new ends, preventing them from quickly drying and breaking all over again.

Developed as a therapy crème, Verifen Complex Constant Care For Ends melts moisture into the tip of the strand and prolongs the life of the ends. When lightly applied to the ends every day, it is a fast and easy way to safeguard ends from becoming dry. This is so important, because the longer you keep your ends conditioned, the healthier your hair will be. Healthy ends allow you to see the growth from the roots accumulate into length. While straightening with heat, this treatment adds a supplemental coating of moisture.

Verifen Complex Constant Care For Ends is such a rich formulation, some women even like to apply it as a general hairdressing when they want a more intensive overall coverage for the hair. It adds a beautiful shine, and offers a more substantial form of protection when a little something extra is needed to help condition the ends.


Many hair products claim to make hair grow. But the simple truth is that hair growth is an internal function of the body. The body produces this growth at a certain rate of speed, much the same way it does the fingernails. External shampoos and conditioners don't speed that growth rate. Quality hair products are formulated to help you preserve and protect the growth that has already occurred. With Verifen Complex, there's no need for hair to be dull or depleted. By conditioning consistently and learning to apply more gentle methods of handling your hair (Combing, brushing and styling), you too can experience the change you've been looking for.

Your roots have a life of their own, as you already know if you've ever had a relaxer or permanent color. Touch-ups are needed frequently as evidence that the body is busily producing hair growth. But, it is vital to focus on and protect the ends from damage. When the ends stay healthy at the same time the roots grow out, real progress becomes visible.

The ends are the oldest part of your hair, the most porous and definitely the most vulnerable. When combed or brushed, the ends converge into a natural pressure point when tangles form and breakage is almost certain. For this reason, the hair should not be brushed or combed to detangle it, but should always be detangled before brushing or combing. There is more about how to detangle in the styling guide.

One absolutely necessary step that you can take to preserve your ends is what we call protective styling. Protective styling means to wear your hair "up" in a style that removes your ends from exposure to air. The longer your ends stay up and out of the air, the less they dry and split. The more often you wear your hair up (lightly coated with Verifen Complex Oil For The Hair or Verifen Complex Constant Care For Ends) the more you keep the condition of your hair from deteriorating. Try to reserve special occasions for wearing your hair completely down. Remember that as soon as your ends are exposed to air, the drying-out process begins. This is often why freshly cut hair seems to feel dry and frizzy almost immediately. Protective styling is a major contributor to achieving hair length. We recommend the French twist and the chignon (bun). There are many ways to style your hair up, according to your own individual look and creativity.

Many women feel that wearing their hair up is not flattering to their face. For those women, it would be beneficial, after arriving home from work or daily outings, to lightly coat the hair with Verifen Complex Oil For The Hair (especially the ends). And put it up for the remainder of the day; this way it can be protected for at least part of the time.

For women whose hair is too short to wear up, we recommend always keeping dry ends trimmed (only 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch), every 6 to 8 weeks. Don't worry that your hair will never grow by trimming. If your hair grows one inch and you trim 1/4 inch then you gain 3/4 of an inch. On the other hand if it grows one inch and it isn't trimmed at all, it could dry and break off an inch up the strand, leaving you with no gain at all. Regular trimmings help you avoid split ends. Split ends rob you of healthy hair and cheat you out of hair length.

Wrapping hair at night is beneficial for all lengths of hair. It prevents hair from rubbing, twisting and breaking as you move during sleep. For women with shorter hair, it is a golden opportunity to rest the hair from exposure to air and let their natural body heat blend with a very light application of Verifen Complex Oil For The Hair to help condition overnight.


Since most textured hair has very little elasticity, a pull from something as simple as removing a roller too quickly can break hairs. One important thing to do on your vulnerable hair is to allow yourself enough time on the day you choose to do your hair. Not allowing enough time can be extremely harmful to your hair, because it causes much rougher movements and far less patience for tangles and snarls. Often the huge hair count left in your brushes and combs is not a hair problem, but a time problem.

You should learn to take the luxury of time. Soon after you adopt this new "easy does it" policy for yourself, you will notice significantly less hair loss. Thoughtful handling, coupled with products that make this caretaking easier, is just what your hair needs. You'd be surprised how quickly breaking a few hairs in the same spot over time can add up to noticeable thin spots in your hair.

Remember that hair products are not formulated to solve your hair problems, but are effective tools to assist you to solve your hair problems. Verifen Complex accomplishes this better than any products.

Every step that you can take to prevent unnecessary breakage is important. Make it a goal to take your leisurely time and substantially reduce the hair count in your brush each week. It's worth it. Realistically, you will always have a certain degree of natural hair loss and breakage. But you can drastically reduce the amount with these highly specialized hair products and a gentle hand.

There are a number of contributions that you can make toward the upkeep of your hair. The following is a checklist of the important beginning steps that can help keep your hair in top form.

· Have all dry, damaged ends trimmed away. Then trim healthy ends regularly every 6 to 8 weeks before they split (trimming only 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch). Remember, if your hair grows 1 inch in 8 weeks and you trim 1/4 of an inch, you've gained 3/4 of an inch of healthy hair. It may not seem like much, but the inches add up before you know it).

· Wash and condition hair at least once every 7 days (waiting longer than this between washings may cause hair to become overly dry and the scalp to become itchy and irritated).

· Keep hair lightly protected with Verifen Complex Oil For The Hair daily (especially the ends. The oil acts on hair much the same way lip gloss does on lips, effectively preventing dryness) and when using heating implements to straighten or curl hair.

· As often as possible, wear hair in "protective styles" (this is extremely important in preventing split ends and acquiring noticeable length. The more protective styling, the less ends dry, split and break).

· Whenever possible, sleep with hair wrapped or tied up as protection against movement during sleep (be creative, make it look like a daytime style. For example, using a wide spandex band helps prevent hairline movement, while an extra-fine hairnet wrapped around a bun is practically invisible as it stops the ends from rubbing. Night wraps need not be grounds for divorce).

· Understand that your hair is growing, and that a healthy state and length is not up to your hair, but is up to you (so be encouraged that your hair will definitely respond to consistent care).

If you hair is unhealthy, it probably didn't get that way overnight. Therefore, you must also allow ample time for your hair to recover. The impeccable quality of Verifen Complex products is long overdue. It's wonderful to know that you can shatter all of the discouraging myths surrounding your hair with the right bit of information and determination. Your hair is important, because it frames a treasure - your face.


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