Quick Tips

1. Brush your hair before washing.
2. Use warm to hot water to wash your hair
3. Rinse with warm to hot water
4. Remove excess water before conditioning.
5. Add Conditioner to the hair
6. Leave in for 10 to 20 minutes
7. Rinse out with tepid (warm to cool) water
8. Remove excessive water by wrapping a towel around hair.
9. Do not rub the hair with the towel
10. Use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet or damp. Do not brush wet hair.
11. Comb small sections - starting at the ends and working towards the scalp.
12. Style hair. If you use a blow dryer use a cooler setting - not the hottest
13. If you use an iron use a cooler setting - not the hottest
14. Protect the hair from the extreme heat of a blow dryer or a curling iron by using a constant care for ends or oil for the hair.
15. Wash hair once per week.
16. Deep condition at least monthly

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