Conditioning Guide

(See bottles for general instructions)

Soft, Fine (Limp) Hair

Some women with fine, soft hair prefer heavier conditioning while others prefer light conditioning. Here some combinations of Verifen Complex Products for fine hair. Each added star represents more conditioning action. You can always control the amount of product applied to the hair to prevent it from being overloaded.

* Beneficial Phase Shampoo with a light application of Oil For The Hair throughout the week to prevent dryness.

** Beneficial Phase Shampoo followed by Detangling Spray Conditioner. Although the Detangling Spray Conditioner is designed as a leave in conditioner, you may rinse it from fine hair after a few minutes to leave less coating on the strands.

*** Beneficial Phase Shampoo and Moisture Emphasis Conditioner will give fine hair a deeper conditioning. If you have fine hair but prefer a heavier treatment, see the conditioning guide for Medium to Coarse Hair.


Medium to coarse hair usually requires constant conditioning and can stand up to the weight of deeper conditioning. In the following combinations, each added star means more conditioning.

* Beneficial Phase Shampoo and Detangling Spray Conditioner. The Detangling Spray Conditioner is a leave in conditioner. For slightly more conditioning use Moisture Emphasis Conditioner.

** Moisture Emphasis Conditioner followed by Detangling Spray Conditioner. The consistency of this combination is light, but extremely rich in moisture and very beneficial to the hair.

*** Beneficial Phase Shampoo and Advanced Coditioning Treatment followed by Detangling Spray Conditioner. The Advanced Conditioning Treatment is an effective deep conditioner. For slightly more conditioning, shampoo with Moisture Emphasis Shampoo, followed by Advanced Conditioning Treatment (rinse out) and spritz with Detangling Spray Conditioner.


Oil For The Hair is designed as a daily hairdressing and can also be used as a pressing oil to protect the hair from heat implements.

Constant Care For Ends is made to keep ends from being dry. It is slightly heavier than the Oil For the Hair and many women even like to use it as their overall daily hairdressing.

Hairline Essential Crème is used to smooth the hairline and control short, broken hairs. It acts like a gel, but does not become hard or flaky. It deposits conditioning and give the hair a sleek polished look.

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