Since my wedding, five years ago, I made a commitment to take better care of my hair. I have been using your products for five years. I am hooked on the hairline creme and constant care for ends. The results are spectacular, long healthy, great looking hair. Thanks for the awesome products, and the helpful advice. Below you will find the a new photo taken in 2005.

Gail from Georgia

I have been using your hair care products since 1992. I follow your hair care routine every time I wash my hair. The results I have seen in the past five years have been amazing. By following your hair care regime, I've learned in order to get results I had to remain consistent in what I was doing and stay positive. Nothing happens overnight; it's a process. Since using your products, my hair has grown beyond its usual length and is healthier than it's ever been.


Because of the easy hair care steps you provide, I am able to do my hair myself and still achieve salon results. Since I have thick, coarse hair, finding the right types of shampoos and conditioners that dealt with my hair texture was hard. Your shampoos and conditioners work so well together; always providing a rich, deep cleansing from the roots all the way down the hair shaft. Your comb-out spray (Hairoil Detangling Spray Conditioner) is a blessing; my comb-outs have been painless. The Oil for the Hair, Hairline Essential Creme, and Constant Care for Ends work beyond anything I have ever used.

Trimming my hair was always a scary thing for me; I used to be scared to trim my hair because I thought it was cutting away my growth. But I trusted your trimming methods and took a chance and did what you recommended. I saw results 8 weeks later. Now trimming my ends is not a big deal, because I know I will gain back more inches from my new growth.

When I first learned that I would have to wear my hair up 99% of the time in order to see faster results, I thought "This is going to be hard", but (going back to being consistent) I found I received better results when I did wear my hair up versus wearing it down all the time. I have created a few new styles along the way. Oiling my ends became a mandatory thing.

When people see my hair they ask me if it's a weave or am I mixed with something, and the answer to both of those questions is no. I immediately tell them about your products. I also tell them that it is a constant decision you make everyday to stick with the program. You can't do the process one day and then forget about it for the next three weeks and then get mad when you don't see results. Be patient. It really works!

I would like to thank you for taking the necessary steps to create something so wonderful and so beneficial for African-American women. Keep up the good work and continued success to you and your staff.

Pier Bolton
Hercules, CA

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Thank you so much for your excellent products. Your products have helped me to add moisture and make my hair more manageable. The shampoo helps to cleanse and adds moisture to my hair. Other shampoos I have used in the past did not have the same effect.

The oil for the hair is the best product I have ever used. It keeps my hair from getting dry and keeps the hair healthy looking. I will never stop using the hair oil.

I also appreciate the fact that you never promised to grow the hair, but have given me the products and information to achieve longer healthier hair.

I have enclosed some pictures of how my length has increased after using your fabulous products through the years.

Cassandra from Little Rock

  After almost two years of faithfully using Verifen Complex Moisture Product Line and additional moisturizers like Constant Care for Ends, my beautician is forever commenting on how healthy my hair is. I now have great looking hair as well as more length. I totally believe in the products and as I said before I'll be on them for life.  
I started using Vefifen Complex Product Line on Vanessa in July 2001. Shortly thereafter she had a no-lye perm and using the Verifen Complex products helped to moisturize her hair. A year later her hair has grown more than more than 6 inches. Now her hair is growing about 1 inch per month. Her hair shedding is normal to minimal. Her hair shines, it is healthy and it has NO damage, split ends or breakage. We are looking for 6 more inches by the end of 2003.  
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